Visit the Home of the Sauna

As an enthusiast of spas, you no doubt enjoy spending time in the sauna, which is not only relaxing but is said to have certain health benefits. But do you know its origin and where it is most popular? You… Continue Reading →

Why SPAs Invest in Wall Art Pieces

A SPA perfectly embodies any luxurious space that a residence or hotel room can offer. These spaces are specially designed to elate their residents from the hassles and bustles of everyday life to tranquillity and rejuvenation. A lot goes into… Continue Reading →

Can You Use Nicotine Pouches at the Spa?

Let’s face it; as much as you have the urge to smoke a cigarette at the spa, it’s something you shouldn’t try. You don’t want to annoy other clients or risk getting kicked out. But there’s a way out; nicotine… Continue Reading →

Wall Art Pieces for Spas

Spas provide an antidote to everyday life. Yes, generally, spas are designed to help clients leave feeling better than when they came in. However, there are many ways to create a nurturing spa atmosphere, and having some art pieces around… Continue Reading →

Mistakes Spa Managers Make

If you are running a spa business or thinking of setting up one, then you probably know that it can end up being a lucrative enterprise if you do things right. However, this type of business is unique as it… Continue Reading →

Spas and Tobacco

On the surface, spas and tobacco may not seem to have many similarities. However, they are linked in a number of crucial ways. For example, if fans of either were asked why they enjoy them, the answer would probably be… Continue Reading →

Choosing The Right Rugs For Spas

When clients walk into a spa they need to feel relaxed and at ease. This can be achieved with the right kind of interior design choices. Whilst the owners of the establishment may be focused on the wall d├ęcor it… Continue Reading →

How Spa Businesses Can Utilise iMacs

There is plenty of demand for high quality spa services. The modern world is very stressful and customers feel the need to relax from time to time. However, if spa businesses are to succeed, they need to stand apart from… Continue Reading →

Stylish Spa and Wellness Centres

Everyone undoubtedly enjoys a treat now and then, and a visit to a health spa or a fitness and wellbeing establishment ranks highly on our list of wants. Maybe you want a bit of pampering and a relaxing massage; if… Continue Reading →

Stylish Royal Design Laundry Baskets to Boost Your Spa

The nature of a spa makes it one of the most sensitive businesses. It goes to the very depth of personal space and exposes people’s privacy, literally, that is. When opening a spa, therefore, it is very important to create… Continue Reading →

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