When clients walk into a spa they need to feel relaxed and at ease. This can be achieved with the right kind of interior design choices. Whilst the owners of the establishment may be focused on the wall décor it is also vital to consider floor coverings. If rugs are utilised it will make a massive difference. There are numerous high quality ones available on the TrendCarpet website. Their catalogue will appeal to a wide range of different spa businesses.


If the floor coverings cause discomfort to people’s feet then it will reflect badly on the entire spa. Customers pay for these services so that they can feel relaxed. It is wise to use viscose rugs as they are renowned for their softness. The ones sold by TrendCarpet contain rayon filaments for an added sense of comfort. Both clients and staff will appreciate how good it feels to walk on these rugs.

Colour Scheme

The overall look of a room will have a direct effect on the emotions of the people who walk into it. Colour can change people’s moods either negatively or positively. For this reason spas should plan a colour scheme and find a rug that fits well with it. Hues of blue, green, white and pink tend to work best in these kinds of environments. They usually have soft tones.


This is by far the most vital aspect to consider when making any kind of decision. The safety of some spa services are in question and therefore owners need to do everything they can to minimise risks to clients. For example, they could choose rugs that are non-slip to reduce the chances of people tripping over them. It is also a good idea to only buy ones that are made from high quality materials. When spa owners opt for reputable brands such as TrendCarpet they are showing that they take customer safety very seriously.


The nature of business means that there will only be a finite amount of funds available to use on decorating. It can be difficult to find rugs that are high quality but not overpriced. The first step is to come up with a budget so that an exact amount of money can go towards floor décor. Luckily TrendCarpet has numerous rugs that are affordable enough for both big and small spas.


One of the biggest mistakes of interior design is placing numerous mismatched elements into one room. Doing so will make the place look garish and unprofessional. All spas should focus on creating a sense of consistency. This will involve choosing rugs that match both the colour scheme and any patterns. It may be a good idea to research different spa room looks. Owners who do this will gain an insight into the importance of consistency.