As an enthusiast of spas, you no doubt enjoy spending time in the sauna, which is not only relaxing but is said to have certain health benefits. But do you know its origin and where it is most popular? You may be surprised to learn that Northern Europe first introduced the sauna, which is, in fact, a Finnish word. Today, it is a well-known accompaniment to wellness, especially in Sweden, which has the biggest sauna in the world, holding 150 people!

Enjoy the Spa Life in Sweden

Sweden is renowned for the high quality of its spas and their relaxing treatments. One of the best ways to experience this for yourself is to rent a luxury apartment in Stockholm, the capital of the country. You can experience the famed Scandinavian hospitality and take advantage of the proximity of the best spas, especially those with saunas. If you are not sure where to go, the luxury apartments in Stockholm have a concierge service to answer any questions.

Day Spas in Stockholm

You will be spoiled for choice with a vast range of day spas in this attractive city. Some are housed in fabulous buildings dating back to the 19th century. Typically, as well as saunas, they will offer hot and cold baths, exercise classes, and many other wellness treatments, such as aromatherapy or massage. Fully relaxed and rejuvenated, you can head back to your luxury apartment in Stockholm to get ready to explore the nightlife of this vibrant city.

Swedish Sauna Etiquette

One thing you need to know about the saunas in Sweden is that, typically, nudity is seen as the norm. However, the rules will be made clear before you enter, and you may be asked to cover yourself, especially in a mixed sauna.

Treat yourself to a wellness vacation in the home of the sauna!