One popular type of spa treatment is aromatherapy. This treatment involves the use of plant-based materials and scented and essential oils to address identified psychological and/ or physical well-being. This treatment is offered as a standalone service but also as a complimentary service to other treatments and services as well.

Some people feel aromatherapy is a better, more holistic way of solving problems instead of modern medicine or using technology.

Those who give these treatments are called aromatherapists and are trained and certified by recognized institutions. Those who are not certified may still be able to administer aromatherapy but when in doubt, it is best to choose a certified professional. There are mixed and competing studies about the impact of aromatherapy, as with many other treatments.

Aromatherapy treatments and the use of these essential oils for healing and spiritual purposes date as far back as ancient times. The ancient Chinese, Indians, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used aromatherapy treatments for both pleasure and healing and even spiritual use. These essential oils were also used to pay for services and even to improve the taste of food. The history of aromatherapy and the fact that it dates as far back as it does make it something that both interests and intrigues people. In 1937, Aromatherapy got its name in print in 1937 and formally became known as aromatherapy.

One other interesting element of aromatherapy history is its medicinal use in treating wounded soldiers in the second world war.

There are three main ways in which aromatherapy is administered:

  • Aerial which is a method that involves the diffusion for disinfection and fragrance
  • Direct Inhalation; this is often used for respiratory cleansing and disinfection and to improve psychological well being and effects.
  • Topical; applying oils directly to one’s skin is another method of application whereby oils can be massaged into the skin, applied in a bath or in the form of compresses.

Once again, the importance of a certified and recognized professional to administer aromatherapy cannot be overstated because there are some risks if aromatherapy is not done correctly. If the oils and materials are not used properly or administered correctly, there can be adverse impacts to one’s health both physically and mentally. If aromatherapy is something that interests you, you should look up spas in your area that offers these services and find a reputable provider.