Going to the spa with your partner or your best friends is a great way to unwind and de-stress, but also has its health benefits as well.

Some signs that it may be time to consult with your doctor, in person or through an efficient medical app or platform, and that it may be time to grab your robe and your slippers and head to the spa include:

  • Stress-induced symptoms or side effects; if you find that you feel tired, you’ve lost your appetite, have a persistent headache, your back is sore and achy, or you feel sick or nauseous regularly, then you may be suffering these things because of stress, and not other factors that you may think. Stress takes a real toll on our physical condition.
  • Achy, sore muscles or poor circulation; massages can help with the flow and circulation of blood throughout your body, so they are a great way to restimulate your body, if you find yourself sitting for long periods, or if you suffer from chronic blood circulation issues.
  • You have arthritis or other joint/muscle/ body pain issues; pain caused by conditions such as arthritis, sciatica and others can be treated and minimised using the power of massage therapy when done correctly.

Remember to consult with your doctor, as the frequency and intensity and type of massage you get or need, is wholly and entirely dependent on your health, body and other factors which your doctor can assess. Also, there are certain circumstances where massages are not encouraged, such as pregnancy or having a fever.

Some of the benefits of facials and skin treatments which may be part of your spa routine include:

  • Reduce stress; by activating your sympathetic nervous system, facials help reduce stress and improve your mental and physical health, by reducing symptoms and side effects associated with the pressure you carry all day.
  • Clean skin; cleansing your skin beyond just the surface is one of the most obvious, but also the most potent, benefits of getting a facial.
  • Detox for your face; facials help with removing toxins from your skin which can improve the look and feel and overall health of your skin, which has short and long term effects, such as prolonged anti-ageing and wrinkle and acne prevention.
  • Helps with absorption properties; by getting facials, your face will then be able to absorb other products more efficiently, and allow you to maintain the health, hydration and look of your skin on your own, between facials.

Overall, the spa can be great for your mind and for your body, and offer an excellent opportunity for self-care; something that should never be overlooked or undervalued. It is essential that we give our bodies what they need and listen carefully to them.