One more recent spa treatment that is popular all over the world are body wraps which are a newer trend. These are popular and also heavily advertised and endorsed by celebrities. These treatments involve wrapping the body in a given material to encourage the body to sweat and rid of toxins. The most common are mud wraps but there are other materials used as well. The wraps are most known to encourage slimming and weight loss.

  • Quick fix for weight loss and cellulitis; Not only do these wraps help with weight loss but also make skin appear tighter and help reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Exfoliation; the scrub that accompanies the body wrap is a great way to get your whole body exfoliated. Your skin will feel fresh, light and clean after you undergo a full body wrap.
  • Moisturizing; your skin will thank you for the moisture that these wraps provide. The use of mud and other ingredients full of nutrients will hydrate and moisturize your skin and leave you head to toe moisturized.
  • Relaxation; as with many spa treatments, relaxation is one of the key benefits of having a full body wrap. You are able to fully unwind and rest.