If you have ever considered a career in spa and wellness, or if you are looking for you calling or maybe a big career change, it is worth considering a career in spa and wellness. If you need some persuasion, here are some reasons to consider a career in this industry:

  • Diverse and interesting group of peers and coworkers; professionals in this industry come from all over the world and this industry is a great opportunity to meet new people, learn about new cultures and work with a diverse group of people. Interestingly, 80% of the workforce, roughly, is female, making it a great place for females to break the glass ceiling. The majority of leaders in the industry are also female.
  • Job satisfaction; studies have shown that those who work in this industry are not just satisfied but extremely satisfied with their jobs and careers in the spa and wellness industry. In addition, because there are so many opportunities for advancement that it makes sense that job satisfaction is so high.
  • Career advancement; 64% of those, give or take, in leadership roles, started in a receptionist role or something administrative and worked their way up to a successful role and place and in a timely and logical way.
  • Mentorship opportunities; this industry offers unique opportunities that are incomparable to other industries in terms of mentorship. These opportunities often lead to great opportunities and long, successful careers.
  • Job security; this is an industry where jobs are increasing on a regular basis, which is more than many industries can say. There are new jobs, unique opportunities and opportunities all over the world. There is no shortage of opportunity nor is there a shortage of job security in a volatile job market.
  • Longstanding friendships; over half of those in the industry like who they work with and end up being lifelong friends with the people they work with or have worked with.