Everyone loves a relaxing spa and wellness session. The benefits of visiting spas are well documented; calming the mind, relaxing the body, soothing muscles, treating and hydrating the skin, and generally enjoying a sense of peacefulness, to name but a few.

Of course, not everyone can regularly afford to enjoy the benefits of visiting a spa and wellness centre. So, if like many, you want to enjoy the soothing goodness without spending a fortune, why not turn your home into your own personal spa?

How do you go about this? With a few simple tips and tricks, you can introduce elements of a spa into your home, or perhaps focus on just one room. Let’s take a look at how.


Introduce some aromatherapy into your home with essential oils. Using a diffuser, you can add your favourite scent all around your house or spa room. Essential oils have many proven benefits, and a calming scent can be the first step in creating the right atmosphere.


Relax the ears and the mind with a soothing sound. Using a sound machine, a simple stereo system, or a voice-controlled device, set up playlists that are natural and relaxing. Calming examples include sounds of the ocean, thunderstorms, woodland sounds, morning songs and bird sounds, and yoga playlists. Creating a surround-sound atmosphere will bring you into a whole different frame of mind, slowing down the mind’s thoughts, and telling your body that it’s time to relax.


Introduce materials that are pleasurable to touch and gentle on the skin. Having fluffy towel robes in your spa room that you can wear, which will make you feel comfortable as your mind slows down. Add in furniture covers like ikea sofa covers that are both neutral and soft to the touch to promote the calming atmosphere.


Use plain, neutral colours that won’t distract you from relaxation. Muted tones like white, beige, pastels and light browns and blues are all soothing for the mind and body. Keep the space free of clutter and simple in its decor. Adding in large plants that both oxidate and complement the space are beneficial in many ways, and add to the overall decor. Using a light dimmer controls the amount of light in the room. If preferred, you can use only candlelight, keeping electric light to a minimum, which works well with the circadian rhythm.


Now you have created the perfect atmosphere, appreciate and maintain this space by tidying and cleaning it regularly. Change the oil in the diffuser, watering any plants, and finding new soothing music that you enjoy listening to. Your space will be one that you’ll look forward to being in again and again.